Rilo Kiley

Last Friday, we attended Rilo Kiley's last show in New York. It was weird that the security guard recognized us. "Weren't you here last week or two weeks ago?" We said yes and was greeted by Jay inside. The Brunettes had already played and Portatastic were next up. Immediately wished we had gotten there a bit later. Portatastic were very boring. Apparently, they have over 8 albums under their belt. Huh.

The Webster Hall audience members were a little rude. Pushing and spilling drinks everywhere. Is this what a good distribution deal does to bands like RK? On the other hand, maybe it was the venue itself.

Here's an overheard conversation before RK's set:

Girl #1: So wait Rilo Kiley is a band?! The lead singer's name isn't Rilo Kiley?

Girl #2: No.

Girl#1: I thought it was. You know, like Mariah Carey...Rilo Kiley.

Girl #2: Here name's Jenny Lewis.

Girl #1: Oh.

Yeah, not a fan but that girl did dance her little heart out to almost every song. Jenny Lewis et al will be playing a bigger venue than Webster Hall. In the fall, they'll tackle Madison Square Garden with Coldplay.

Molly Knight has some video footage of RK's 5/26 show at Webster Hall. (Just search for Rilo Kiley). Newsday has a review of the 5/26 show and Largehearted Boy posted about The Washington Times Review of RK's show at the 9:30 Club which mentions a little bit about Jenny Lewis' upcoming solo LP. Rolling Stone has more coverage of JL's great white soul album titled, Rabbit Fur Coat. It will be out in January of 2006 on Bright Eyes' leader Conor Oberst's label, Team Love.