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Mexico Bodybuilding Competition She was nicknamed “The Woman of Steel” by her friends not just because of her physical strength but also because of her strong mental toughness and will to prepare for bodybuilding competitions. All of that paid off Sunday morning as she won third place in a national bodybuilding competition in Mexico. Iveth Edith Hirales, a teacher at Calexico High School, won third place at the Mr. Mexico bodybuilding competition in Mexico City, competing against ten women in the woman’s physique category on Sunday, Aug. 26. The Woman’s Physique category is judged on the participant’s athletic physique showcasing femininity, symmetry, muscle tone, poise and beauty/flow of physique. This national competition brings the very best from around the country, and the level of competition is very challenging. “This was my first year in the world of bodybuilding and I feel great to have won third place in the nation,” Hirares said. She thanked her coach Heriberto Delgado for being Isometric exercises for Bone Density one of her pillars in this process, as well as her children and husband for their unconditional support. The mother of three and CHS English teacher won first place in the Mr. Mexicali woman’s physique category and the right to compete in the state event in Tijuana on Aug.

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