Brendan Benson & The Thermals In One Night

It was a first months since we've attended two shows in one night. Last night started with the seeing Brendan Benson doing an in-store performance at Other Music. Across the street from Other Music is a Tower Records store where Ozzie Osbourne was there for an in-store. We don't know for what or why but several of his fans came up to us with a polaroid picture of them with Ozzie saying that we should head over to Tower before Ozzie leaves. It was nice the first two times but four? We didn't move instead we let Ozzie do his thing and recover from his botox injections.

The in-store performance was very nice. Brendan performed songs from his latest release, The Alternative To Love, and some old favorites including Tiny Spark and Folk Singer.

The next stop was at the Knitting Factory for The Thermals. Aeki Tuesday gets so excited to see them. Seriously how could you not love this band? Their set are always quick, their songs are fantastic and they are FUN. If you missed this show they will probably be back to NY in about three or four months. We definitely recommend you check them out.

Capes & Capers

Last night we attended the screening of D.E.B.S. at the Chelsea's Clearview 9, a sort of all girl spy movie with a twist. It wasn't as crowded as we expected and we never expected to see Jordana Brewster posing for photographers afterwards. The movie was campy. The plot simple: Hot villain (Jordana Brewster) falls for hot government special agent (Sara Foster). Mix that with Holland Taylor and plaid-skirted girls (Devon Aoki's role is memorable) and you've got a movie that'll most likely gross $42 million before it comes out on DVD. Not that we like to nit pick (okay we do) the special effects weren't so great and "Sorry I went down on you...." left us saying "¿Que?" because nothing elluded to the fact that "something" had happened. Since Angela Robinson was told to cut the original R rated movie for a PG-13 audience, we believe there'll be an uncut DVD in the works. You can put that right next to your campy movies like Bring It On, But I'm A Cheerleader, and Wet Hot American Summer. Lest you decide to skip D.E.B.S. there's always Sandra Bullock's Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous.

Nas Concert

Nas performace at Brixton Academy in London was brought to a halt when a gunman opened fire. A Metropolitan Police spokesperson believed two shots were fired 25-minutes after the show began. No one was injured. Nas' publicist thought it was ironic "because only today he released his latest single, Just a Moment, which is about the fact he is dead against violence in rap. This is not something he stands for, and he doesn't understand why there should be a connection." Nas left the stage within minutes of the incident and the show was cancelled. No word on the identity of the gunman.

File This Under Personal Use

The Montpellier Court of Appeals ruled downloading and subsequently distributing digital movies is legal and exonerated a 22-year old accused of downloading over 500 movies online then distributing them on burned discs to Live Jasmin friends. The court rules those activities all fall under "personal use," widening the definition considerably. This decision is similar to an April 2004 ruling in canada. Our Canadian neighbors has had the freedom to download without any fear of legal ramifications.

Speaking of downloads, have you heard of mobZilla? mobZilla is a wireless media company developing solutions for the delivery of personalized on demand entertainment to the mobile phone. The mobZilla music and audio service allows subscribers to listen to a personalized mix of content genres, including: Urban, Top 40, Club, Classic Rock, Latin, and Hip Hop. We don't know if this will catch on. If you are between the ages of 18-35 chances are you own a sort of MP3 player, why would you want your cell phone to be another device for music delivery? What about battery life? How would your phone handle playing your personalized mix and the 3 plus hour chatter you just had with your friend about the ramifications of owning a pair of assless pants?

Louis XIV is releasing their debut full-length album titled, "The Best Little Secrets Are Kept" on March 22nd. They were featured on's Band of the Day. View the video for "Finding Out True Love Is Blind": Real | WMA

While you're at it view Regina Specktor's video for Soviet Kitsch: WMA | QT

Check out this Ztrip media player for a video montage of Z*Trip performances and some songs featuring Murs, Jurassic 4 and Luke Sick.

Arjan interviewed Sam Endicott, the lead singer from The Bravery. Read part one & two. You can stream their album here.

Lastly, having not picked up The DaVinci Code, we are a little bit intrigued since the cardinal leading the Vatican has branded the bestseller (10 million sold and counting) as "a sack full of lies" and that people should not buy the book as "this is rotten food." It's time to take a trip to the Strand Bookstore.

You Think Mighty Mouse Could Beat Up Superman?

Several emails have come our way since about the lack of updates. We are working on several projects this week and have not been able to post. Aeki Tuesday will be back in full mode on Monday . In the meantime, we've compiled a nice list of things to click/listen until then.

Seattle Weekly on M.I.A. [via Largehearted Boy]

Ted Leo covers Kelly Clarkson's Since You've Been Gone.

Stream Matt Pond PA's "Champagne Supernova" from Music from The OC Mix #4 - WM | QT

Be sure to catch the OC tonight. Five new tunes from Beck's Guero. In fact, Beck will be the only music artist featured tonight. He does a cover of Daniel Johnston's 'True Love Will Find You in the End.' The other tracks that will be played during the hour-long teen drama are: "Que Onda Guero," "Missing," "Girl," first single "E-Pro" and "Scarecrow."

The Josh Schwartz dubbed Beckpisode seem to be a marketing trend for artists to preview songs on a show before an album release. U2 dismantled itself on CSI, SNL and the OC before the release of 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.' At the end of the special Beckpisode, you can watch the full-length trailer for the final Star Wars movie, Revenge Of The Sith. The trailer will feature over two minutes of space battles and Wookiee riots from the chaturbat film.

The O.C.: Mix 4 is set for an April 5th release.

People heading to SXSW might want to RSVP to this listening Party for

Gorillaz & DJ Danger Mouse (w/ rumored guest appearance by MF

Doom) at SXSW. RSVP here. Oh My Rockness has created a list of everything (and we mean everything including parties and after parties) you need to know if you are going to SXSW.

Rosie O'Donnell has a blog. Jessica Gawker was quoted in today's NY Times describing Rosie's writing style.

"I don't know if she is doing some form of haiku or a terrible Faulkner imitation, but I'm not surprised she is doing it," Ms. Coen said, noting that celebrities as diverse as the rocker Fred Durst and the occasional actress Barbra Streisand have penned blogs. It is really kind of cool that she and others want to speak to the public without the precautions of their live sex show publicists."

Her writing did throw us off a bit and it is physically draining to go through her three months worth of posts. [NOTE: For some reason, Rosie's blog is now redirecting itself to her RSS feed. Fixed.]

Another celebrity blogger, Wil Wheaton was also featured in today's NY Times. Wil has a guest appearance on tonight's episode of CSI and has written a memoir of sorts called "Just a Geek."

Ringside s/tLast Monday, we attended a show at the Mercury Lounge where the California-based band Ringside performed. Ringside is comprised of Scott Thomas on guitar and Balt the Beat Master on synthesizer.

New Yorkers got their taste of Ringside with their pop melodies and rock riffs. The singer reminded us of David Gray on some songs. Ringside's execution was very lush and pulsating. We would not liken this band as playing cinematic-esque music but they did produced some great sounds on that small Mercury Lounge stage. You're going to be hearing about them in the next couple of months.

The release date for the Ringside self-titled album in now confirmed for April 19th. Their website provides some clips of some new songs off the upcoming album here. Ringside's 'Strangerman' was featured on Episode 10 - "The Accomplice" of the OC. It's the one where Mischa Barton can't act. Wow, this post is turning very OC-centric. Sorry.


Last night we attended Coolfer's Blogger Happy Hour at The Magician. The best thing about these get togethers is finally unleashing the veil of anonymity of the internet. Suddenly you're not just a Central Village or Catchdubs but you have a name.

Afterwards a few of us headed over to Mercury Lounge to catch Sleater-Kinney. We weren't completly moved by last night's show but it was sure entertaining. The venue was perfect for their mini tour. We looked around the crowd and they seemed to enjoy the new songs. We must admit S-K flubbed while playing an old song. We're not sure if they just decided to play it on a whim while on stage. Anyway, there were a lot of sweaty bodies at the end of S-K's set. It needs to be said Corin Tucker is freaking hot. Janet Weiss played the harmonica on one song that was a bit folky. Jen has some pics. Central Village has a review and read up on One Louder's review from S-K's Wednesday show.

Louis XIV @ Bowery Ballroom 04.26.07

Last night we attended the Louis XIV show at the Bowery Ballroom. We missed Nic Armstrong's set but did catch Runner & the Thermodynamics performance. The boys from Runner were good. It wasn't until we heard "My Woman" that we realized we've heard that song before. Don't ask us where. The crowd seemed to like their energy on stage. We're anxious to see more of their shows.

Louis XIV came out on stage minutes later. They were dressed to impress. They all wore black eyeliners. The drummer looked like a cross between Joan or Melissa Rivers and David Bowie. The bassist displayed his Farrah Fawcett liked mane and we did could not stop staring at the lead singer's chin cleft.

Louis XIV failed to impress us last night. While we enjoyed their releases of Illegal Tender and The Best Little Secrets Are Kept, they failed to live up to those songs live. It goes to show you what CD production can do for a band. The best way for them to remedy this is to play more live shows.

Highlights of the show included songs from their self-titled debut ("It's The Girl That Makes Him Sad" & "It's The Girl That Makes Him Happy") and The Best Little Secrets Are Kept ("Illegal Tender" and "Finding Out True Love is Blind"). The audience seemed to like what they saw. While LXIV played an encore we walked down Delancey Street to catch the F train to Brooklyn.

LXIV will be on Conan on May 12th. Set your TiVos now.

Morning News

Here's what's happening in music news this morning.

Kristin Chenoweth is set to star in Dusty Springfield biopic. Chenoweth starred in Broadway's "Wicked," which earned her a best actress Tony nomination.

Arianna Huffington invites others to blog with her. Her group blog is is to be introduced May 9 and will be called the Huffington Post ( and has amassed a few named celebrities to contribute. Among those signed up to contribute are Walter Cronkite, David Mamet, Nora Ephron, Warren Beatty, James Fallows, Vernon E. Jordan Jr., Maggie Gyllenhaal, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., Diane Keaton, Norman Mailer and Mortimer B. Zuckerman. Matt Drudge, Huffington's competative site, isn't fazed by it at all.

Reebok pulls 50 Cent ''I Am What I Am' advert because it "glorified violence."

Kasabian guitarist, Sergio Pizzorno, was injured at a concert in Glasgow. Pizzorno fell to the ground after the bottle was thrown by a member of the audience. He received six stitches for his injury. Kasabian are to perform at the Bowery Ballroom in May.

Lauren Hill to attend the The Stockholm Jazz Festival.

The Source faces financial, advertising and circulation issues.

Mystery Beatle footage discovered and a new book about Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, alleges an affair with one of the Fab Four.